July 10, 2020

Super-Cyclone Captures India

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As the World in Indian country is Suffering from Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) India again gets in a Big destructive Situation called Super Cyclone name NISARGA.

More than 1,00,000+ people including Covid-19 patients from the Coastal Area Were moved to remote Areas for protective measures of the Super-cyclone recently by the Maharashtra government which strikes the coastal area of Alibaug and Mumbai, Palghar and Thane today at 1:30 pm.

ALIBAUG : The most awaited natural from this month Super Cyclone Nisarga which have stroked Alibaug coastal area at around 1:30 pm today on 3rd of June with the speed of 120 kmph.

Extra Generators were already arranged and supplied in the hospital in hospital and area of covid-19 patients have been moved

Chief Minister of Maharashtra state, Uddhav Thackeray have been planning many of Safety arrangements for this situation from the last week.

Have also managed to collect 8 teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and 5 teams of Navy and deployed then to various locations in Mumbai.

The DO’s and DON’Ts:
The Chief Minister’s Office today shared a graphic Image of Maharashtra on Twitter, advised people to pay attention to only official instructions on TV and radio, and not to rumors or spread them.

He/She should tie or move indoor loose things outside their homes and regularly check the battery-operated devices and keep reserved the power systems of their houses.

He/She should use a part of the house as an emergency shelter and should see how all members of the family will use the space during the cyclone If a person is not living in a mud house or hut.

He/She should stand at the center of the room, stay away from corners as waste things often gets collected in the corners, the chief minister said.

He/She should hide under strong furniture such as a stool, heavy table or desk and hold it tight. Use your hands to protect your head and neck, Thackeray said.

He/She should stay away from windows, adding that some windows should be closed and some shall be kept open to maintain the pressure.

He/She should avoid large roof spaces such as shopping malls,auditoriums and sheds, have asked for keeping the emergency kit ready.

He/She should disconnecting the power supply of all non-emergency tools and equipments.

Store drinking water in utensils and bottles.

People should help those who are injured or trapped in situations and provide first aid, if needed.

He/She should open windows and leave a building if possible, if there is any gas leakage and Turn off the gas valve and report to the gas company.

He/She should also asked help those who are in special need, like children, physically challenged and elderly.

Fishermen shall keep their boats/rafts tied-up in a safe place and also keep a radio set with extra batteries.

Among Donts, Thackeray said :

“Do not attempt to ride on any vehicle during the cyclone. Stay away from damaged buildings.

Do not move injured people unless it is absolutely necessary to do so, It could be more harmful.

Do not allow oil and other flammable substances,if spill clean them immediately.

He again advised Fishermen need not travel into the sea to view rough weather conditions.

This Cyclone have been traveling to Mumbai with the speed of 90-100 kmph on its Path from Afternoon this day.

Also, 96 civic teams have been Stationed to pune branches to remove trees which have fallen due to the wind, the BMC said.

For Over 300 pumps have been put on and adequate staff deployed at 6 pumping stations in the city to Avoid Water Logging, the BMC said.

This situation is being monitored from the disaster control room with the help of 5,000 CCTV cameras installed on roads.

The BMC also advised to people to dial its helpline number 1916 for help in case of Emergency.

Apart from life guards and rescue boats, the fire brigade personnel are on high alert and 93 life guards positioned at six chowpatties in the city, the BMC said.

Other Cities of Maharashtra also have suffering from small pressure cyclones and rainfalls.

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